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What our clients are saying

I highly recommend PAWSitive Vibrations Dog Training - Yuki, my one-year-old German Shepherd, would definitely recommend her trainer Ms. Leah Wood also.

We began working with Leah in February 2021 and the experience has been exactly what we needed. Besides being wonderfully calm and knowledgeable, Leah is observant, patient, and an incredibly positive teacher (for us humans as well). Both my dog and I have learned so much! 

Leah provided valuable insight as well as many suggestions to manage, enrich, and stimulate Yuki's puppy experiences. Leah's added vet tech qualification and veterinary expertise was a big plus as well, because my dog had food sensitivities and it was challenging to find training treats that she could tolerate. 

Leah did a through history and assessment when we met, listened to my specific concerns and needs, and then built a plan (including homework) around those needs. Leah does quick check ins at each meeting and then follows up with issues that we are struggling with. My dog Yuki responded very quickly to working with Leah, and though we no longer meet regularly, we both look forward to the occasional little refresher sessions. 

I am delighted with, and really proud of what we have accomplished with Leah's guidance. Our work with Leah at PAWSitive Vibrations Dog Training has been a valuable lifelong investment.


Carmichael, California


I cannot say enough great things about Leah. We have two dogs with two totally different personalities and needs, and we were so happy when she was able to help us make great strides with both of them. Our older dog came from an extremely neglectful past with limited human interaction and zero training. Leah helped us find the most simple exercises possible to build up his confidence and comfort, which in turn opened the door for more advanced training. Our young dog is extremely hyper and destructive, though eager to please. When she began showing resource guarding and leash reactivity, Leah helped us address both of those issues effectively and with positive practices only. The changes we have seen in our dogs in less than 6 months has been incredible, and we feel that Leah really understands dogs' emotions and intentions, which makes her so effective. 

-Katie and Matt

Citrus Heights, California

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